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Blur Group Raises $2M To Disrupt How Marketers Pick Creatives For Campaigns


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War of Chinese Companies for Internet Video Dominance

BEIJING, China – China’s two main video websites are combating a court battle over allegations they are exploiting each other’s programming as enmity heats up in an business that is drawing in spectators away from featureless according to TV.
The disagreement among Inc. and Tudou Inc. is part of an efforrt for supremacy in an online marketplace with almost 400 million viewers and many of privately owned outlets that might symbolize the future of China’s video watching and a profitable marketing stream.

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Solvent Solutions: Graffiti Removal Services – Products – Experts

Solvent Solutions are an independent chemical and solvent distributor. One of the UK’s No.1 supplier of graffiti removal products. Over the last 12 years Solvent Solution has built a reputation for supplying innovative products that are particularly designed to perk up the security of the workplace and the environment.

Check out Live Work Examples..

Removal of Graffiti from a Westminster Council Housing Block

Removal of Graffiti from Train

Removal of Graffiti from a Westminster Council Housing Block

Removal of Graffiti from a Westminster Council Housing Block

Solvent Solutions offers a complete service by using high pressure cleaning equipment combined with patented, non-hazardous Graffsolve variety of chemicals entirely remove graffiti attacks from any sort of absorbent or non- absorbent surface promptly and efficiently at any time convenient to the customer.

Based in Keston, Kent in the south-east of England, Solvent Solution is a BSI registered company.

Checkout Solvent Solution’s services and other Useful links of  their website.

About Us | Services | Graffiti Products | Contact Us | Case Studies

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Action Handling Uk – Material Handling and Lifting Equipment Suppliers

Action Handling is a well known Industrial Equipment Suppliers in Hertfordshire, UK. They deal on material handling equipment, office supplies, industrial weighing equipment, packaging and warehouse equipment.

They divided their products into 5 main categories.

Action Handling Uk - Material Handling and Lifting Equipment Suppliers

Action Handling Uk - Material Handling and Lifting Equipment Suppliers

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Klever Innovations – Safety Redefined

Klever Innovation - Safety Cutter | Package Opener

Klever Innovation - Safety Cutter | Package Opener

If you talk about branding a product, Klever Innovations will surely be in top hundred of that list. The way they are marketing and providing services with help of their beautiful cutter/package opener is applaudable.

Employee safety is a top priority for Klever Innovations. Therefore, Klever Innovations is committed to the development of products for the safety and utility cutting markets. Their products help companies drastically cut expenses associated with injury claims and damaged merchandise.

Klever cutters are Safe, Versatile, and Easy. It’s surely a safest selection as a Package Opener, Cardboard Cutter, and Box Cutter etc. with the help of Klever Innovation’s razor utility. They are designed beautifully, to be conveniently discarded or recycled after their long useful life, and with their shielded cutting area they decrease the possibility of damaging goods while cutting packaging.

Check out Klever Innovations for more interesting information.

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DNN covered – DotNetNuke Solutions Provider

DotNetNuke Solutions - ASP.Net Modules

DNN covered, a platform to provide solutions related to DNN skins, modules and portals. As compare to the other pricey solution providers, DNN covered is presenting their services in a very low and affordable cost.

Other aided benefits for their valuable customers are;

  • Designing
  • Development
  • Configuration
  • Testing and Support

Their primary development platform for building custom modules and skins are based upon ASP.NET which mainly implement on VB.Net and DotNetNuke.

Their main focal point is to meet new clients or companies so they will get maximum benefits and all essential web solutions to represent their business or website to global world with the help of great assistance and services.

And the best part of DNN covered, that you can also try some DNN skins and modules at FREE of cost.

DNNCovered, an offshore outsourcing centre, is a sister concern of E-Ing Tech which is one of a leading DNN software solutions provider. Along with a dedicated staff, E-Ing Tech superior services are always available for on-time customer support.

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ETL – Educational Technologies Limited

ETL - The Winning Edge

ETL - The Winning Edge

Our mission is to give children a WINNING EDGE in school and in life, and to better prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of this competitive world.

Educational Technologies is one of the biggest publishers and marketers of children’s home education products in Asia.

They are a member of the Time Publishing Group, a major international company dedicated to providing high quality productsfor homes, schools and libraries.

These products are exclusively developed in Hong Kong and available in over 20 countries, in nine different languages.

Publishing Heritage

ETL publishing heritage goes back to the beginning of Time Magazine in 1923 and the launch of Time Life Books in the 60’s with the photojournalism of World War II. Educational Technologies started children’s book publishing in 1986 with A Child’s First Library of Learning .

Learning Programs
Educational Technologies mainly focuses on the following Programs, covering all the age groups.

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Sweet times for a Web business for Women

Lisa and Brian Sugar founders of Sugar Inc.

Lisa and Brian Sugar founders of Sugar Inc.

A husband and wife team with the serendipitous surname of “Sugar” may have found the recipe for successfully combining content, e-commerce and social networking on a site that attracts a most attractive demographic: women ages 18 to 44.

Brian and Lisa Sugar are the founders of San Francisco-based, an online media company with a network of channels focused on specific topics that draw women.

The enterprise started as a hobby in 2005 with PopSugar, a blog devoted to celebrity news and gossip. The hobby became a business, which then spawned FabSugar for fashionistas, YumSugar for foodies, BellaSugar for beauty addicts, GeekSugar for techies and CasaSugar for home decor devotees.

In three years, the brand built on a sweetly clever name play that has grown to encompass 17 live sites employing about 80 people, most of them content producers who write in a breezy, chatty style that’s become the hallmark of blogging.

“We’re trying to be a lot of different things,” said Brian, 34, chief executive of the company whose last job was vice president of marketing for 2Wire in San Jose, a provider of broadband service delivery platforms.

“As a media company, it’s important to create content that your audience wants.”

As of this week, the company said its various Sugar sites have 8.5 million unique visitors as measured by Quantcast, and more than 60 million page views, according to Google Analytics. Ninety-six percent of the visitors are female and the median age of visitors is 26 years old, Brian said.

It was Lisa’s obsession with pop culture that was the foundation of the Sugar empire. A media buyer for adverting company Goodby, Silverstein and Partners in San Francisco, Lisa, 31, was an avid follower of entertainment developments and celebrity dish, and a self-styled blogger on hot Hollywood topics. PopSugar was launched after the March 2005 Oscars Red Carpet parade.

With the increasing popularity of the site, the Sugars did what Silicon Valley workers used to do with abandon: Both quit their jobs and devoted themselves to a start-up. Not even the impending birth of their first child gave them doubts that they were on the right track.

“My last day at 2Wire was May 12, 2006,” Brian said. “Katie was born on June 1.”

They invested about $250,000 of their own money and hired bloggers to keep the posts fresh.

“We were creating content every hour,” Lisa said. “Immediacy – that’s the format. Without rapid content, we lose viewers.” The bloggers, meanwhile, were trained to write as if “they are sitting around talking to girlfriends,” she said.

Unlike pop/entertainment/fashion Web sites such as GoFugYourself or TMZ that thrive on snarky commentary, the posts on PopSugar were, and are, mostly gentle observations with lots of photographs of stars.

“The audience feels safe and advertisers want to be associated with goodness and positivity,” said Lisa, now editor in chief of Sugar.

In October 2006, the company secured $5 million in funding from venture capital firm Sequoia Capital and grew to 35 people.

Advertisers came next, along with NBC Universal, which invested $10 million in exchange for the right to sell ads for the site and 50 percent of the revenues derived from advertising sold on the various blog channels.

Last month, the Sugars severed that arrangement in favor of selling their own ads with their own sales staff, though NBC Universal remains an investor.

Their site underscores the draw that women have with advertisers, something Comcast also realized when earlier this month it bought New York-based Daily Candy, another lifestyle Web site with a large female following, for a price rumored to be between $75 million and $125 million.

Danny Feekes, Annie Tomlin (rear) and Jaime Richards (right) work on the Bella Sugar website at Sugar Inc.

Danny Feekes, Annie Tomlin (rear) and Jaime Richards (right) work on the Bella Sugar website at Sugar Inc.

PopSugar’s sibling sites – all linked to each other by a site map on the home pages – were born in quick succession along with a United Kingdom version of PopSugar and FabSugar specific to British stars, style and sensibilities.

While social networking has been a big part of participating on the Sugar sites, the e-commerce component didn’t exist until the Sugars bought Los Altos, Calif.-based ShopStyle about a year ago for an undisclosed price.

That site enables viewers to shop for goods from about 150 retailers, which pay the Sugars a per-click fee when viewers go to a particular store’s online site from ShopStyle. About two-thirds of Sugar’s revenue comes from advertising, and the rest from commissions and revenue sharing from ShopStyle.

TechCrunch, the popular valley blog that profiles and reviews new Internet products and companies, estimates that Sugar has ad sales of $10 million a year.

Last year, Sugar acquired Coutorture for an undisclosed price. The site is described as “the leading network of independent style publishers online.”

It’s an online fashion community of 230 style-related Web sites and blogs. Sugar also recently picked up Starbrand Media, a company that creates shopping tie-ins with TV shows. Terms of that deal also were not disclosed.

The heart of the Sugar operation is inside the pink and blue offices on the 15th floor of a building on Sutter Street in San Francisco’s financial district. FabSugar and BellaSugar, the fashion and beauty sites, have editors in New York. The employees are mostly women, mostly young, giving the office the vibe of a Northern California Conde Nast – the New York publisher of women’s magazines, including Vogue.

Sugar readers, in fact, are similar in demographic to those who read the glossies.

“Sugar is a place where women can escape and be a fashionista or a celebrity gossip hound or a foodie,” said Brian. “It’s a place where alter egos can come out.”


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Coffee business growing rapidly – says US expert

Coffee Business

Coffee Business

Ed Arvidson, senior consultant at the US-based Bellissimo Coffee Info Group, is on a visit to study the Kingdom’s coffee business and explore the prospects for offering Barista training. The group, based in Portland, Oregon, also runs a coffee school where trainees come from the world over for a weeklong course. It has its dedicated websites for coffee school, espresso and coffee universe, which is aimed at creating a community of coffee lovers.

“Bellissimo helps coffee businesses succeed, whether you have a coffee shop start up, or an existing coffee shop, espresso kiosk, coffee cart or espresso,” Arvidson told Arab News on the sidelines of a meeting he had with some senior executives of Bonnon Coffee, which runs a chain of coffee shops.

“Coffee culture is surely growing in many parts of the world including Saudi Arabia,” he said, adding that the United States today has around 40,000 coffee bars and Italy 250,000 espresso bars. “In fact, coffee is becoming popular even in some of the tea drinking nations like Japan and China,” he added.

“What is liked about coffee is its caffeine content. It also depends on how best you make coffee. We select only the finest Arabica beans and roast them to perfection to bring you the highest quality espresso coffee, he said, adding that the group’s mission is to create luxurious, welcoming stores that provide a haven from the cut and thrust of everyday life. Offer of a steaming hot and refreshingly cold cup of coffee with or without a snack menu is immediately lapped up,” he added.

Bonnon Coffee, a 100 percent Saudi enterprise, has six outlets in the city since its establishment three years ago and has plans to increase them to nine before moving out to other parts of the Kingdom. “We also have plans to establish our franchises elsewhere in the Gulf and world,” its Marketing Manager Mohammed S. Al-Nahdi said. It has several Saudi partners some of whom have returned after graduating from the US and Europe.

Although the term coffee culture seems to be exclusively American, the formation of culture around coffee and coffee houses in fact dates back to the earliest coffeehouses founded in the 16th century Turkey. Coffeehouses, or enterprises that specialize in the preparation of coffee drinks, have traditionally been social hubs and artistic centers.


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Safe Keepers Home Inventory Services

“A home is burglarized every 10 seconds…
…it doesn’t always happen to someone else!”

Safe Keepers home inventory’s core objective is to provide documentation regarding inventory of home and small businesses. This documentation helps customer to evaluate their home or business worth. This evaluation gives them an idea for taking a correct decision of insurance sum assured.

They say,
”At Safe Keepers we document your value…
…for your safekeeping”

Safe keepers’ home inventory is giving SPECIAL DISCOUNT of 15% to Farm Bureau customers. As farmer’s Insurance should be mandatory and priority for him due to higher risk factor.

One of the most added benefits of Safe keepers are photos, along with complete inventory which gives a peace of mind to their customers and family to value their belongings.

Check it out, if you are interested to keep your business safe.

About Safe Keeper Home Inventory

How it works

Sample Inventory Documentation and Photos



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